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Debut Album Release Concert

Von Attica, Oct. 13th 7:30pm

About Von Attica

Von Attica, or “of the Attic” is an original rock trio made up of North Carolina’s Blake Samperi, Jacob White, and Sean Mabe. All of which have been impacted by the roaring age of Rock n Roll and its lasting effects on modern music.Samperi is the bassist and vocalist. He studied music in college and gigged during school and after graduating. White is the electric guitarist and was influenced early on by the blues influenced guitar playing of his grandfather. This sparked his creative genius and helped shape the guitar riffs and solos throughout Von Attica’s repertoire. Mabe (pronounced Mayb, silent “e”) is the drummer and started playing drums before most kids learn to ride a bike. Mabe had a short detour into sports but eventually found his way back to his first love of the drums. He also flexes his songwriting skills in the band’s catalog alongside Samperi and White. Mabe and White were in a band prior to forming Von Attica with Samperi and the three are clearly peas in a pod. Their energy in performance is contagious along with their effortless chemistry, which makes them ripe for entertainment in the world of Rock n Roll.The trio is hot off the press. Only 12 months in the making and already releasing a debut album in Fall of 2023. Come celebrate Von Attica's Album Release concert at NBCT's The Athens Theatre. Friday, October 13th at 7:30PM.